Monday, May 4, 2009

A Dirty Weekend

Steve and I took a trip to Virginia this weekend to do a mountain biking / running race with our pals! Behold, the dirty evidence...
After that we all got cleaned up and had some dinner together. That's Josh on the left with his son Cole. His Mom is Betsy- she's right next to me. Between Steve and me is our pal Jon who drove down from Connecticut with us, and to the right there is dear Dana. Spent a lot of time in college training and laughing with these friends- it was so so good to be together.


  1. Down & Dirty!! Seeing you two, we feel the Fortitude & Exhilaration! What beautiful friends and babe! Your race number is cool too, adds up to a perfect 7 Yo!
    Brava Beauty!!!!!!!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaah love it! great adventure race!