Friday, January 1, 2010

Peace Heart

Happy New Year!

That's the Peace Rose there at the bottom. I made this today with colored pencils Mom gave me for Christmas. She came over tonight and we colored. I didn't have any paper except the printout of Approaching the Vibrational, so that's what's on the other side.


  1. So very Beautiful....
    O M G that reminds me I want to purchase a calendar from you. Where do I send Check???

  2. Beautiful Creation! Bringing our awareness into Peace through the portal of Beauty. Now that's more than plain paper from the Universes' ample supply store, very handy directions into
    seeing the big picture right there! Remembers me to the rasins, simply profound!

    Thank you Beauty. <3

  3. Raise-ins, not to be confused with Ra-sins ;)

  4. Thank you, Suzette!
    Calendar! Yes!
    I'll email you the address.

    Y'sure are welcome, m'Lady! I heard about those sins of Ra! Apparently there was a hiccup in Northern Africa?

  5. Geeze what a simple little misspelling can reveal or re-veil huh? Doh! Funny the stuff that shows up, even with the radar of spell check. I've hiccuped many Doozies and Dontsies myself! Gotta keep an eye on those little word beings!