Friday, March 5, 2010

Born at the Right Time


  1. That is the sweetest & most adorable painting, and I don't mean that in an impotent kind of sense that most people talk about sweetness.
    It took me right to my heart in less than 30 seconds and melted it.
    Now that is very potent!

    Love, Margo

  2. <3 Some-bunny misses Shanni! How soon is Stafford?

  3. O wonderful! Thank you, Margo. Originally there was bunny with his paws on owl's belly, but it felt even better to have them cuddling. Yeah I like it too! Thanks for your appreciation :)

    Hey Angelina! We'll be back home the last weekend of March. There's going to a Kirtan house concert on April 7th! Looking forward to seeing your twinkling eyes.

  4. Um... I'm right with exactly what Margo & Angelina
    Ohmyohmy Goodness Shannon! Wow!
    Speechlessly deeply Sweet
    and profound!

    You bring us such Joy <3