Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The baby sparrows yesterday and then today...
Hey! Look at you standing up, prince!
The roses are blooming downtown...

The great late second millennium command to "follow your heart"
And if you do...
*something great*
But heart is invisible
as are shining ships
on shining seas
Have ship.
Thank you.
Good ship.
Cruise ship.
Sing some songs of the sea
Watch the world turn
Wind lets a child breathe for free

I say I will not chase another port
or visit the clean infirmaries
I will not drink, I will not gamble
Even quit my job as a missionary.

Dragin' feet on the starboard side
Just to see the fish
What's your wish?
To watch the fish!

I wondered about the here and all the enough in
Then what happened?
In my bath my eyes got droopy
O it's time for my snoozy
Guess I dropped my head into the water.
Cause I awoke with a jerk and a splash!
He laughed and asked,
Know how to get here?
When stuff happens like that.
Laugh laugh laugh-
the fright is in your own friendly bath.


  1. As Always Beautiful, Beauty!

    Laugh laugh laugh-
    the fright is in your
    own friendly bath...

    That's Awesome!

    'dograciv' Written in Blue! lol

  2. in o scents of flowers & baths, laughter & bouquets of delight as always...

  3. you are so silly, Boodle!