Thursday, November 18, 2010


The Show! The show was grand. Sarah said, "It's cool, you know, how it's a creative experience where everybody participates sharing their skills." A co-created event! The kirtan was a heartslam. Katie flew up from South Carolina and made sweet potato soup. Dad, Susan, and Kaitlyn flew up from Florida and trimmed evergreens and lit candles and fires. Chrysanthie was a yurt angel and also decorated the entire house, Steve ran the whole place, Roger screened a new film, Roger showed his rainbow water colors, Sarah brought bushels of food she grew, Olivia made dressings of plants, Doug did the sound like a pro (cause he is), Scott built and built, Christina fed us, Deborah breathed us and twinkle lit, Tammy made ginger tea and little bows, Jason held some space and baked seeds, Sara decorated signs and necklaces, Heather photographed, Diane made Belgium chocolates trala la la.

Our time is rolling in. I smell the pines singing.

What were we waiting for? For some of us to catch up? To what? We're all here.

We grow wide as the breath of the sea.
We grow deep as the vein of gold into the heart of the earth.


  1. Love all your shout outs.... I called Jason the seedman for a good hour before I asked his name :) Great Show Aunt Shani.

  2. Word,...we be savoring the sublime sustenance, the essence of this timeless space. For real...brown baggin' the light in Thank Fullness...Tra-la-la-la...OM Shiva...sweeeeet potatoe!, on and on ...yep, yep, yep. ;)