Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ground of Being

The pleasure of earth! Acorn tickles cheeks, sun cares, air embraces. Seed's root stretches, reaching. She invites, "Take root. I hold." Roots grow deep, wide. They turn, twist, plunge and circle. Once sapling, now tree. Delicate capillaries from the watery heart. Tree grows heavy, pressing airy soil bed into dense mass: beginning a slow undulation of black earth. Mother the lover ground pulses back with the scent of her first fire, a bejeweled electricity across windy grasses; glowing web woven through midnight caves of granite, marble, mud, and moss. Moonless night. Far far beneath, massive clear rivers run dripping, rushing past shining bedrock. Copper veins, silver veins- the water runs through it, the pulse feeding everything, pleasing everything. Deep at the center is molten warmth: the Once and Future Fertile Crescent, echoing sun. Honey runs over- thick sparkling seawater, flowing gold, sweet metal, sun shining off wave...


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