Monday, May 9, 2011

May Mermaid Monday

a drawing...

Yesterday being Mothers Day I was inspired to find this picture...

This morning I went for a walk, and on my way home by the Millpond there was a black and white woodpecker and a robin above the woodpecker in a bush by the water. The robin flew away but the woodpecker stayed. I said to myself, "Woodpecker likes me." And then I thought- but then again, he has been banging his head against a tree all morning. Some conclusions are hard to make.

Once I hiked to the top of St Andrews Seat in Scotland, where the grass was green and the wind was cool and the sun was warm. Yellow flowers bloomed all around and I went to the edge of a cliff and straddled the craggly rock to look at the green valley. Everything was like peace and a bouquet of flowers to the heart. I heard bagpipes playing, wondering if I really did hear them? Searching far with my eyes there appeared in the valley the tiniest figure playing on the wind.


  1. Hey! Hieland Mukker! Mmm...bricht bonnie Marmaid, Mither and Babe! Thank ye for sharing yer honey blythesome ways. ;)

  2. Beautiful Shan! I love your drawing and the gorgeous pic of you and your Mom! xo