Thursday, July 21, 2011

a spark

One day our technology will catch up with our knowledge, and we will be able to back up every practical recommendation, now called mystical, with the precise life cycle of a neuropeptide. And we shall say, "This certain thought construction, often put as 'I know' or 'It is this way' causes a secretion leading to calcification in the brain and limbs. When this hardening takes place, the nerve endings are plugged up, so that one cannot feel." But the cure will be, sure it will be, to be as a child in a dome of kings and queens, walking across a Heart of such magnitude that we cannot know it, except when we come to a precipice, a crevasse, or a great river rushing gushing over, and awe grips us, awe overcomes us- and the Heart of this place beats for us, and our hearts are aligned to the greater pulse, the governing silence, the end all be all peace, which is love beyond, beyond, and beyond again.


  1. The light, sound and vibration of the one Radiant Heart, transmits...
    while our mental mind is being Awe-Struck!!! lol

    ~*~*~*Beautiful Shani!

  2. Thanks for writing about the things that matter, capture our sleeping souls and nudge us to go to that river.

  3. This is so true in parts, not so true in other parts...this so, so true...