Saturday, February 21, 2009

Angel Continued

It was a bit funky getting back into painting after not having painted in two weeks. The Angel went slowly today. I'm readjusting to being in the house alone again after having spent a lot of time in full happy homes. During adjustment days like this I tend to move like cold molasses in terms of creating. While Steve and I were on the phone he played "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, and I felt happy to begin this tonight... the quote is from a Kate Bush song Peter introduced me to- Bertie.

Said I feel in the shallow run of the wavelength, belly scratched by sand and water in ma’nose. These little shells are rough high speed. Heard say, “Go beneath in the deep. Go beneath the wave to miss this.” And I felt the smile inside like little hummingbird coming to visit see-through white flower in sea spray on the black cliff, to eat this little flower nectar life. Little glass and rainbow little in our pockets Christmas ornament with fluttering wings up and down little flit a little here a little there. “Hi hi, little hummingbird. How was your flower?” zoom! weeeee!

Sad I said I am not too good with this, “I can be with you” But I’m not a good be-er either. “I can be with you,” said the curtain as it unfolded itself to a shining crystal flower like a galaxy picture on the surface, and sparkling deeper and more radiant. His deep magic blue waved above and glimmered gold. The curtain parts to see the shining flower, “I can be with you.” Like a big fancy danish. The sign said cheese but a bite is all dough. This crust is stale. And I don’t think they put cheese in mine. Man..... but. oh wait. I do taste it! There is sweet cream! Said you tasted it? I did! I just ate it and it was in there!


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how one's images and feelings are so in synch with where we are at, our visions and the way we feel as well...I thought of you the other night while watching Benjamin Button...and the hummingbird! I appreciate all you co-create and share...
    thank you.

  2. Yes totally- that is really amazing. Like it's a feedback loop or a chicken and egg kind of thing. I feel that they come sometimes as an intentional answer, and other times for the heck of it because of the certain frequency.

    I appreciate you too!

  3. You are so bright that when I read your blog entries I have to wear shades.