Saturday, August 8, 2009


This weekend we're in Southern California, and perhaps in being so close to Mexico, Frida Kahlo is in the air. Here she is in one of the left pages of the 2010 Weekly Calender.

Thoughts have a range- a field. The dead of night, high altitudes, and wild places in nature hold an energetic cleanliness. This cleanliness is untainted by the static pulsing cloud of frantic human thought. When outside the cloud, one can access more than just the mundane fears and status quo of this species.


  1. Love the drawing and what you wrote!
    Nature nurtures... mmm... Love is in the air.
    Good Night...

  2. In the heart of a cow in the green field chewing it's cudd fully that space. She knows what you speak of...and, too they know all too well the mundane fears and status quo of this species. :)

  3. Awesome anon!
    What a clear and truthful teaching
    laced with humor!!!

  4. ...I can't take the credit, the cow came in the night and it felt me the message and I heard Shannon's voice too!
    Okay, gonna go throw on a skirt, walk barefoot, hum while chewing my cudd and contain! ;)

    Frida is beautiful Shannon, have a blast you guys!

  5. Oh-but thank you lovey Z, <3

  6. Are you knocking the status quo?

  7. Ocean air - salt - cleansing. Ah, to bottle up the ocean air and uncork it as needed!