Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last Snip

I saw Artemis of the Moon looking across the expanse into the eyes of her fiery sister. Her sister is like a burning Kali, a second sun. Like the Sun but not the sun. She was hoisting quivered bows onto her shoulder, smiling. Artemis's bright pearly eyes flashed with the fire she saw across the cosmos. Which seemed like an event, like a thing that happened rarely. And they both were terrifying in their calmness- like they were about to pick off humanity and have a glass of wine about it.


  1. Full of feelings ripe for the pickin'.
    I choose excitement and mystery with a pinch of fear
    and a potential of fiery Love...

    or maybe instead a cannoli?

  2. Woah!! Hunker in the heart center... Salute!

  3. Now hang on a minute here. If ya'll are suggesting that we drink wine and eat cannoli... I for one accept!

  4. Incoraggia le donne belle!!!