Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On a Big Moon Night

Stevee and I were sitting under that big moon tonight.
We were in the hot tub eating an apple and a chocolate.
We hadn't seen each other in a bit.
He asked, "So! You still torturing yourself?"

Yeah, but I think I'm untying the knot.

That knot!
Each time I come across an artist with more money or exposure
I automatically ask myself a question.

I ask, "What am I doing wrong?"

Then I clench my teeth.
I just realized
I don't have to ask that question.

I had thought
(on account of brainwashing I can only presume)

that I would be valuable as an artist
(like the real ones, not the not real ones, right?)
when hoards of people agreed,
"We like it."

What a stupid idea!

(unaerica at Flickr)
Bunny says, "Hrmm, I think me rethink this a little bit..."

I read m'love "Where the Wild Things Are" as a goodnight story.

Young Max leaves home at night.
He travels all around the world to play with the monsters
and live in their world.

But Max misses being loved.
So he sails across the ocean,
and after years away he arrives home again.

And his meal is still hot.

A scrap of angel lullaby down some forgotten street

Standing on the moon with nothing left to do

A lovely view of heaven, but I'd rather be with you.

Be with you.

Crimson white and indigo

hunter/ garcia


  1. That big Moon is becoming full in the sign of the child, if you see our faces in the Moon as we read this you will know quick like a bunny how deep and purely precious you are...
    Apple and chocolate, yum, may be time for a midnight snack ;)

  2. Dear Shannon,..
    your art is beyond incredible...
    It makes one feel so much to look at it.
    I remember visiting the library and just feeling so amazed at you gifts and you passionate mind.

    You are so apprecaited and loved.

  3. So Cute the pic of Bunny !!!
    thanks it made me smile!!!

  4. Thank you, dear friends! Very sweet. I'm straightened up myself inside around that so you don't have to say it for me... hopefully nower than later! ;)

    When I started my painting as a business I heard a man say, "You can tell how much people contribute to society by looking at their income." I thought that meant when my paintings sold for insane amounts, then they would have become 'useful to society'. But then society- come to think of it- I don't want to contribute to that!

    Anyway! Weeding! Found that big weed growing in the garden. [yank-a-roo] Love and bunnies... :)

  5. Somebunny loves us! xo