Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow and a Cardinal

First snow!
Look who stopped by...
Mr. Bunnyyyyyy! Did you have some arugula? I hope so.
A Steve danced along our walk...

I planted my naked self in the snow...
The clouds played...
It was magical.

Then *CRASH!!!*
What was that?!

What did we see, but oh dear... a cardinal breathing on his back, his wing splayed beneath him. He must have flown into the barn window.

We stood there with him, him on his back. Steve said, 'Maybe we can take him to the bird rescue. I'm gonna do EFT.' I told cardinal, is okay, it's okay, you are going to fly or you are going to leave. He stood up!
He was breathing intensely- it moved his whole body. We kneeled and stood there with him, and it was apparent that he was realigning himself from the shock of flying into the window. So we told him we'd give him some time alone and go the rest of our walk, and then come back. After about 20 minutes we returned, and Steve and I both let out a little groan when we saw him still sitting there. He turned to see us. And what did he do? He flew away! Hurray!

We stayed there watching him hop along merrily from branch to branch within the snowy trees.


  1. Around Easter time Cardinals were poppin' up every where seemed like every other minute, so I looked up the Native American message the Cardianl brings us...
    'The Mystical Christ'

    Praise Jesus! lol