Monday, May 17, 2010

Compass Rose

He went away to pray
Always went a way
And I do too
Just to be a little more
a little more...

We were talking about direction.
What way do you go?
Well all points radiate out.
And you know that's gonna be a trip, man.
But I'm not a man, man.
Well in that case,
Quit straight trippin'
and check out the scent here
of this come pass.
And what goes on there?
Woman, to find out
you got to have nuffin'.
Like the Eye of the Needle kind of thing?
Gotta have nothing?
Damn. Ya'll still be deaf.
I said, "ENOUGH IN."

Listen, Love.
Sit at the center of your compass.
Sense her scent here.
Bee in the Rose
so that the flowers be pollinated,
and the rosehips grow.
Then there will be enough
Vitamin C for everybody.

By the way-

"The antioxidant qualities of vitamin C help prevent crystallization and accumulation of foreign molecules that result in blurred vision."


  1. Funny as I read this SomeBunny shared about Carrots containing vitamin C and they look like an eye on the inside, Beets too, the red ones open the Eyes of our Beeting Heart...and remember the Golden Beets that came to you to share? Now theres a Beat! Yeah makes sense, it's mostly our physical eyes that suffer from blurred vision...Garden compass!

    As Always Love All You Share All Ways...
    <(o)>*<(o)> lol

  2. I loved this!
    Eonough In! yeah... time to just Bee in the middle of the sweetness. Thanks Shannon!