Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dolphin Heart

Hey! How we doing today? Groovy, I hope!

Here's what I'm working on this week- it's a human heart. And inside the Heart is a baby dolphin before birth! This situation kind of thrills me to no end.

When I was taking the picture of the canvas just now the goldfinches were zooming in for their daily thistle, so I snapped a photo. When this goldfinch was munching away he tweetled, "Listen, doodle, when you put up my pretty picture tell my friends they can have their seeds and eat them too."

Today's the last day of summer! Steve and Scott and Roger and I are going to go plunge ourselves into the ocean and daydream on the sand. Let's declare our visions- tomorrow is the Solstice and Full Moon! The Sun and the Moon are gonna be DANCING on the CEILING!


  1. YES!

    Where dreams are made true... IN the HEART!!!
    May the moonbeams connect us ALL in a special way tonight and tomorrow.
    Love Love Love

    ps Hi Steve :-)

  2. Your new piece gets my endolphins pumping.

  3. Awww, we can sense the high sonic frequencies of echolocation Flippering a call to dive into the Heart, that is very cool Shan!


  4. I think zOO and mOO
    talk poo

  5. hmm... then you must be... The Anonymous Composter!

    Hi Suzette! Hi Michael! Hi Chrysanthie! Love you.

  6. "No one believes the sincere, except the honest."


  7. a very nice piece on the heart+dolphin..

  8. Hi lovely,
    Did you know that dolphins have 5 digit fingers when you look at an x ray of their flippers?

    Love this sketch. Love you! Margo

  9. Wow, Margo!

    What delightful information.

    Love you!