Monday, September 6, 2010

The Happy Arrival of Goldfinch

The Grace Art show opening was GREAT! Here's a picture of Pam telling me she'd like to take home the Annunciation painting.All of the photos in this post and in the Peach Tree post below were generously taken by Roger C. Ingraham. Thank you, Roger!

Before Friday night I finished this painting and the one in the post below. Most of the Goldfinch painting was done in Cindy Shefield's garden here in Stafford that's full of roses and goldfinches. My friends Jo and Kirby Judd call goldfinches "flying daffodils". I put a thistle feeder up for them in front of my window and watch them land and eat through the day. They're so cute! Two birdie couples often come at dinnertime taking turns munching on seeds and singing about their meal- fluttering here and there. Sometimes they wake me up from sleep in the early morning with their soft little sunrise song and I feel I feel I feel so glad with them.


  1. Wow, vibrant radiant flower power! Sing Goldfinch sing! Thanks for gettin' them vibes up Shan.