Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Pictures from the "Her Good Heart" Show

Photos by Heather Cottrell
Instruments of dear John Ananda. He played them as guests entered the room blindfolded. There were also many gongs.
After John played and everyone took off their blindfolds to see the paintings, I sang a song.
Sarah told the story she wrote of a woman in a country of whipping winds. 
Carin and Allison with The Story
Me at the end of the show
Black Bean and Rice Canapes with Sour Cream and Green Onion garnish by Aja, Jon, and Karsten
Indian Spiced Root Vegetables in Baked Wontons with Sunflower Sprout by Aja, Jon, and Karsten
Glen created a Raw Foods Cafe in Connecticut called Catch a Healthy Habit. Here he is sharing a sample of the raw cacao creations he brought to the show. Crazy amazing delicious chocolate! Behind him you can see part of the "Make Your Own Mandala" station Sam Stone created.
Trinity and Heather playing at the Face Paintings Station
Jamie paints at the shared canvas project. 

And hey don't forget: 
There is no other artist like you in this entire world! 


  1. The pictures are AMAZING. I love the one of the singing bowls. Of course the ones with you in them are my favorites. xo (:

  2. Ohhh Honey! You are some sweet honey! :D