Monday, December 15, 2008

with Flowers

Why are we so harsh with the full flowers?

We tip toe around the young bush-
"careful with those roots"
oh look a bud!
manage it with care
speak in whispers-
are you alright, little one? We are here!

But what unkindness settles in as the bloom unfurls!
Flower! You should know better!
There is a notch in one of your petals!
You have let a worm eat your leaves!
How will you maintain that color, eh?!

And we look with such a discriminating eye
until the gift has all but faded
a few petals hanging on
and we stare with sad remembrance-


that certainly was-

a precious rose.

1 comment:

  1. I really appreciate the sensitivity of your beautiful writing here today, as my 49th year on Earth approaches...
    it remembers me that it's not the wrinkle but the twinkle...and that it's okay to be a late bloomer. ;)