Wednesday, March 11, 2009

from Beaufort, SC to Stafford, CT

I'm back in Stafford Springs! I came home last night to a smiling Steve and bright flowers in my room! From Steve to me to you- here they are in front of the window in front of the snow:Would you like to see a few pics from this past week? It started out with Dad, Susan, and Kaitlyn coming to visit Beaufort last weekend. Here's a few of us after brunch...
This Saturday Katie and kiddos and Heather and I went to the beach! I felt the same way as James about the afternoon...
Sunday morning Mom had a goodbye brunch for me! Here we are in the afternoon on the porch. There's Mom there holding Nana's hand, my sister Katie with her daughter Aly next to the screen, Heather in the blue shirt, James to the right, Roger C looking at me/ the camera, and Michael in the right hand corner. Auggie doggie is in there too! My parents got him when I was in college and he's a good buddy of mine.
My friend Pat was there too!
Later on Sunday it was serious clean-up time, so Heather and I went to the Beaufort County dump! It's hard not to laugh when you're at the dump.
I was telling Heather not to even think about jumping into the trash compactor to scrounge up some stuff when she took this picture. And then I said, "Did you get the pants? I want to tell a story about Steve and these pants." The attendant there in her bright orange vest laughed outloud as she was sweeping and said, "Ye can't think of a better story 'n that?"
We got home quickly and cleaned ourselves up for a goodbye dinner on the porch at the Dennisons. Katie made shrimp and grits and key lime pie for dessert. Our salad was composed of Chris's delicious organic butter lettuce that he has to grow in the garage on account of the squirrels creative eating style. Organic Garage Lettuce! I kinda wished I had a giant stomach so I could eat it all night long it was so good. Here's Katie before she served dinner-
While we were eating, Kate and Chris said, "Got an idea for you, Shan. How about paintings for children?" To which I said, "Oh my gosh totally!" Later we said our goodbyes...
Had a giggle at Michael's pajama outfit...Then Heather and I drove to Aunt Sue's house in Virginia on Monday. I didn't take a picture yesterday, but here's a picture of Aunt Sue with my Dad, Pop-Pop, Uncle Jim, Uncle Larry, and Mollie from this summer-
On Tuesday from Aunt Sue's house outside of DC, Heather and I then drove to Brooklyn, where she lives. And then for the first time in my life I drove over the Brooklyn Bridge and through Manhattan! Holy nuggets, Batman! That was a thrill. Here's how it looked driving in Connecticut-
And what great wonder should I see this morning but the fantastic STEVEEEEEE!!!!!!!
What time is it, oh dudes and dudettes? It's GAME TIME! hu!


  1. Welcome back and thanks for sharing all the love and smiling garage lettuce?? How sweet & your little dream bunny grooves on that! ;)

  2. hehe! That's a good one! I bet he does.... :D