Monday, March 2, 2009

Marsh Painting

Michael asked, "Is dis our painting, Aunt Shani?" It sure is! So you gotta sign your work, you know...

The sun came out today! Heather has flown down to visit, and this afternoon we went downtown to see Katie and the boys, then sit on the swinging benches and soak up a little sunshine.

When we got this going again tonight James said, "We need a sun right there, huh, Aunt Shani? A sun!" The bubbas painted that in together. I'm not too sure about it, but James told us, "That sun looks so good!" and sparkly smiled when he saw what he'd made. That's kinda priceless right there. Michael told his brother, "James, we real artists. We painting a painting!"

I told Steve I don't feel grateful. That I know that's not wise, but though I try and make the good feelings come they don't. He said, "We're not in a bliss state. We live in a pained world and people are in pain, and that's just what it is." I do feel that this difficult time- I keep seeing people's difficulties- is bringing us to a center of kindness. I'm not saying I'm getting more kind, but I see that there's a potential there. When we're all in the same boat and we can feel that. Incidentally, Michael wants a boat in there."Anything you want? You got it!"
That's what the sky sings to the earth!

Anything you need?
You got it! Anything at all!
No one can do the things you do!

Part of the rent agreement for the home I'm in this winter is that I create a painting for the family who owns it. They asked if it could be a Beaufort landscape, perhaps with a boat. James and Michael helped me get the sky started today. Prior to that we painted the canvas together for the fun of it to try out different colors. So, here's how it's developed so far:


  1. When we become as children again we effortlessly enter the kingdom of the canvas.

  2. Now that's a Super Kala Fragalistic Expialadocious colored canvas if ever there was one! Beautiful!

  3. It's a beautiful Sun...I'm finding that the more disapointing etc. people can be and how pissed off I feel at times, really does show us the importance of our inner Sun growing warmer & brighter, were else can we go when we know better and can co-create a New Sun within?????? Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE the Marsh Painting!

  5. We were born before the Wind, also younger than the Sun...
    Gee, I missed the boat on this one,.. and with that signature it is worth far more than gold, love it!