Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sing, Mary!


  1. I love her pose and the look on her face...it says so much..

  2. Thank you, Margo! And a... huh... surprising likeness to your pose in this picture! How's that for beauty seeping into the brain.... :)

  3. Looks like she's expressing one of my favorite feelings!

  4. YES...sings to our hearts... lovely in joy and glee!

  5. now with that gorgeous green jar there, I'm thinking hmmm...whats in there or what was in that jar...and it makes the pose & face even more of a revelation.....

  6. Dammmmmm Girl, slay our hearts...through it's piercing...that well spring of song... WOW!!!!!!

  7. Beautiful Shannon!

    Looking at her holds my heart a-jar.

    They say she kept clove oil in there.

    c-love oil


  8. c-love oil?! Oh sweet Jesus!!!!!

    Ask and you shall receive, huh Margo?


  9. Dearest Shannon,

    When you are done manifesting Mary, would you please ask her from me if she'd like to step out of the canvas and come to Aberdeen?

    I would make her very, very comfortable here.

    She can have her own room...

    Deeply smitten,


  10. Holy Song of Songs!!!!!!
    Christ... with all t-his clove oil and milk and honey it is like jumping in the river...
    purified and naked...

    Paint on Paint on!!

  11. Absolutely, Michael! I sure will ask her. So sweet... :)

    Thank you Anon! Paint on it is...

  12. Wow, I'm really taken by her too...

    Shannon, do you ever make giclee's of your paintings?

  13. I think Mary is already there...
    astral passport, you know!
    She'd probably prefer one of your out buildings like the carriage building, that way she could spill paint and throw pots and sculpt faces from clay and leave food out and watch the critters come and the call the cats. No ...no skip that last visual ,that's no good. She'll want to visit Sangoma and all the churches and graveyards. She'd want to see, feel and touch, Die Oog. And visit Andre and the prickly ones. She'll stand out in every rainstorm and get soaked to the marrow. The towns people will think she is crazy but harmless. Are you sure you want her to visit?

  14. "...like an angel callin
    like a glimmer of life
    like a vision of light...
    your hand
    and that's more than enough
    your glance
    is like jumpin in the river of
    Jordon, purify me baby..."