Sunday, June 7, 2009


Just got two hummingbird feeders- one for the backyard and one for the front yard right by my room. I took the screen out of my room window so that the hummingbirds can fly in to visit if they want. Made their syrup and am sitting here by the window waiting for them. The flies are coming into the room too. I was thinking I'd eat them, but apparently flies are not a good choice for insect eating- they're disease carriers. Termites would be a better option. I don't mind crispy things, but I don't know if I'll eat a worm- the way they wiggle and squirm. I like juicy peaches but juicy worms gross me out. Anyway! Here's our hummingbird video!


  1. That video is waaaaaay too funny! Maybe they will tuck in, hum you a lullaby and sleep in your hair :)

  2. Lusciousness! Thank you, Beautiful Ladies!

  3. Yet I tell you that enduring peace cometh not from nations' wrath subsided but from
    beauty-pots of Love that have vermilion in them, painting a rose instead of a sword on the canvas of the Infinite.