Tuesday, June 30, 2009

John the Baptist

I just posted some new easy recipes on our farm recipe blog. To check them out, please click on this Veggie Cobb Salad.
Finito! Here's the final John the Baptist! Also, I have to share this painting with you by my friend Karen Wend (kwend@hotmail.com). It's called Lovebird. Aww!Did I say Break... for a week? Doh! What I actually meant was Break until I stop freaking out about the show. Which, hey, happened sooner than I expected! Here's the little hummingbird in John the Baptist:


  1. Good luck with the show.
    Love the new photo!


  2. That is one sweet Humming Birdie...
    Whoa! Rockin' Gorgeous there Girl!

  3. Honey-dripping, gold-gilded GLORY!

  4. The John the Baptist painting is so
    stirring to the soul and loved the lovebirds ;-) I think I know them!