Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Story: Next Level of Completion

The Story really has come a good way in the last few weeks! Here are some new pictures taken graciously by Roger C. Ingraham.As I was painting Devya's hand (with the ring above) today I thought whimsically to myself, "Funny to be painting this hand again. I've painted this hand a hundred times at least." And then I heard myself. Come again? I wondered- have I? Was that all dreaming? Was it a whole bunch of dreams at night that I remember? Where was I when I painted it before? And that... that was weird. Awesome weird!!

Hurray!!! Now that this 6 x 12 foot honker is looking a bit snappier, it's going to go into The Her Good Heart DVD! Looks like that will be done within a few weeks. Oh! I also took the top off the painting. It will probably stay that way.


  1. I like it without the top- good idea

  2. Honker? You are so funny!
    Yeah... Soo AWEsome weird!!
    I concur, topless is cool ;)

  3. Truly captivating!!!

  4. Thank you! :)

    I like it topless too-
    the top canvases weighed it down too much and this way it's a little brighter. Better for breathing! :D

  5. Thank you, Kittredge! I appreciate hearing from you.

    I don't have any pieces that portray Jesus specifically, so none of him with animals. Yet. Best wishes with the search! :)

  6. Thanks for the links to these beautiful artworks!

    It's funny how artists forget that they have painted Jesus -- I've had this experience before, where an artist initially tells me that they never painted Jesus, then they remember...

    Maybe because the Jesus they paint is personal to them, not the stereotypical Jesus image.

  7. My pleasure!

    Huh. I like that reason- feels right to me! :)

  8. In your case, Mike, that is a complete sentence. ;)