Monday, April 13, 2009

By the Road

There is a gypsy that roams in between the worlds, and if one waits along the road with a blanket to warm and some water to drink... if one waits for the gypsy, she is a very fine lady, and she wears a long veil to cover her jewels. If one waits, she will pass by. Don't worry. In waiting, she will pass by. And if the time is right she may wink. And if the time is right she may throw a punch. And if the time is right she may bring smoking frankincense to delight. But it doesn't matter. Just sit along the road and wait. She will pass by.

The poet said to the prophet, "Your dragons, sir, where are they?"
The prophet whispered, "They sleep in the day and we ride in the dark. Every fire they breathe is one more spark."


  1. I met the gypsy on several occasions. Most recently i realized she had fleas. Scat!

  2. Cool, heres to the Gypsy! Who's to say they are not magical fleas...
    who knows? I sure don't.

    :), :o, ;), :D...such awesome tunes 2, you give so freely!

  3. She came today in a napping dream and brought with her healing Witch Doctor are always right on...right in. <3