Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today Steve and I went for a walk in the warm air. We stopped at the Millpond and sat under the blooming trees. The birds were chatting up a storm. Steve said, "They sure like to talk, huh?" Two geese came out of the water and walked our way. Did you want to know about them? Yes? About Myrtle and Harold? Myrtle and Harold, both from the same distinctive family of waddlers. Harold came to us as Myrtle sang in goose to him, following behind. They lingered before us wanting to know if perhaps there were some pita in our pockets? No? That's okay, we'll just stand here a bit longer in case you remember it. No? Ah well. To the blossomy tree then. Myrtle found her favorite weed and honked some more goose song to Harold, who replied in gentle goose, "Thank you, Myrtle." A generous breeze came through and all over the blossom tree fell its little flowers, showering Harold in a snow of white petals. Harold lifted his head to the sky. Myrtle smiled at him and ate her favorite weed. Here's their picture I painted tonight...We had a really lovely weekend at the wedding and with family. Here's one of Dad with his granddaughter Aly Grace...
Last week, trimmed back the hydrangea bush before the sparrows come back for the year. It's where they live. Do you know they left a present from last season? A little nest! I just found it and was so tickled. They even wove some of my hair into it! Steve took this picture...Did some sorting today, including some of the painting reference photos. Here's a little visual collage for your pleasure...


  1. She is the cutest baby, EVER!!!

  2. Occasionally I will find a little nest on the ground, if the wind has blown it out of the trees. It is always a marvel to find these little magnificently crafted homes...
    Love the goose story & painting. Don't they mate for life?

  3. Yes... Yup... you bring us such pleasure...akin to you, sweet, wise and artistic those litttle sparrows!
    They are singing...
    'Your Hair Feels Like Home'-
    3 Doors Down :)

  4. She is such a bunch of love! I can't really have conversations or do anything around Aly cause I just want to stare at her and pick her up. She's just a giggly lovey!

    Cool, Margo! Yeah truly they are amazing pieces of art. I didn't know that about geese. Harold and Myrtle certainly seemed "together." ;)

    Thank you, Anon ;) I looked up that song- cool!