Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Flowers

Here's a little 12" x 12" canvas I painted today for our friend MaryAnn to celebrate her birthday..Hope it gives you a little sunny feeling too.


  1. I was just sitting on the porch listening to the chorus of birdsong and remembered that the vibration of their singing inspires, strengthens and nurtures the flowers growth...WOW how true!

    peep~peep...Thanks for sharing this bloomin' beautiful gift of symphonic sunshine vibes with our hearts too! :D

  2. Shannon an interesting thing happened. I saw your painting in the wee hours and took it back to sleep.
    Right before waking from my dream a voice said that it required 40 days.
    I woke and saw your painting in my minds eye and realized looking at it that 2+2=3
    Great how the Spirit will use a lovely medium to bring a message. True Art!

  3. Birds singing to the flowers? O for heavens sake I never knew that! What good fun really good stuff!

    Suzette that sounds cool- now what does that mean to you? The 40 days and the 2+2=3. What's that?


  4. Hi Shannon,
    I apparently required 40 days of computer blog fast to complete my process of entering the , my , heart.
    2 means a spirit (Person) bonding with THE SPIRIT and when one meets another that has also melded with spirit it is like a strand of 3 threads very hard to break apart. i want to do my part in opening to the heart. when I am ready another(2) may appear then = 3. But you know 2 is a really cool number too and how bout ONE? Really it all seems perfect as it is. Your art and writing is so interesting I am glad 40 days is up!
    Great Work!