Thursday, April 30, 2009

Calendar Illustration

For the 2010 weekly calendar, I'm including some color plates- here's one of Lady Hyacinth I did today (thanks be to Mucha)...I'm meandering through four different projects. In the last three days I have had three spiders walk up to me. Spiders showing up say, "Get to spinning, lady!" They make such pretty things so quickly. Today I was bit by two gnats that drew blood- I did not even see them! You know what they said? Even the tiniest distractions can drain life force when gone unnoticed.

Last year there was an enormous spider in my bedroom curtains. I said, "Spidey, thanks for coming. But you really freak me out. Please don't come onto my side of the room. Don't come near my bed, okay?" She didn't. She stayed there in the curtains for more than a week. I kept checking to see if she'd left after I had certain thoughts or did something on my current painting. Also at the time I was contemplating creating a really big painting, albeit nervously. And I thought, "Maybe she's saying go ahead and spin that out." The day I started it, she disappeared, never to be seen again. The painting is The Story, here.

The night before last I woke up with a start. I was dreaming that Steve and I were walking along rocks by a creek. I peered down to see a snake in the shallow creek. As I looked along I felt more and more nervous. I could not see the end of this snake. Where is its tail?! I turned around to see its head a distance behind me. Its eyes were closed. Was it dead? I turned further around to see another snake beside it- just as large! Well, a little bit smaller, but still huge. That snake had its head chewed off! I stood there, looking at decapitated snake, looking at first snake. Freaky. Danger. What is going on here? As I stared, first snake, who had killed second snake, opened his eyes. AAaaaa!!!!! We bolted. And I woke up.


  1. I thought of you yesterday as I was lead to a little old book called 'Golden Scripts'. No one really knows who wrote it, but say it's AlphiO' speaking...
    Artists are Gods handicraftsmen...
    they have a mission that is delicate...they find out life through many channels...function is sacred, in that it is love in motion...Artists function in love of highest quality for reasons there are two: I say they love greatly, hence they create greatly; I say they create greatly and there cometh to them a resistence to death or nihility; they charm away death, degree on degree.

    PS It is said when Snake comes, expect swift changes sweeping through, the changes signify death of the old and birth into untapped power, creativity and wisdom. Thanks for all you create and share Beauty!

  2. Oh wow. Thank you very much for that.

    I was reading about Tarot geometry last night and came upon the "Princess" card which rules women my age. One of the aspects of the Princess is to have not produce enough result for effort given. And I thought, "Boy is that spot on." I am always working but my results are not equal to my action. Maybe that serpent will help me do better! Thank you :)

  3. Remember 'Relaxed wonderment'? It just may be you are not percieving all the amazing invisible threads you weave...your writing about the Spiders and the gnats and what was shared in that golden book about function being sacred and that it is love in motion, convicts the hell out of me, and I appreciate it! :D

  4. hmm... Thank you :)

    You know, it seems my original thoughts about spider were not spider-on! Another came to visit today and a bite has appeared on my arm. So I haven't gotten it yet! It sounds more right what you said- the whole relaxed wonderment thing. I forgot- that spiders weave a web...

    ..and wait patiently. Maybe it is more like that.

  5. How funny, last night I just noticed two bite marks on my neck about an inch apart! I said to my dogs, gee, looks like I have been bitten by a vampire! I have other litle unknowns on my my shoulders! Anyway, looking at 'Lady Hyacinth' inspires me to start spinning in relaxed woderment!!! ;)