Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Oh Man. The frogs are dying. En mass in our Americas.This is one of the saddest things I have ever heard.

Frogs are the joy choir. They sing. There's a pond in the woods out back and whenever we go out there they are all ya ya ya croak bla! *bloo bloop* CROAK weebit weebit. Frogs leaving the planet in big numbers makes my stomach turn. Some animals I know because they mean business and others are just pals. For instance, when I see a hawk it's matter-of-fact. "I'm not screwin' around, McCarthy." And frogs are like, "Hey! We love screwin' around! Spring time! Hurray! Rain! Hurray!" And with their wide set googly eyes and big smiles... they're like bright flowers or leaves that can fly and swim and go around on land... and they eat insects! Which reminds me, Angelina was telling me that the bats have been hit by a very bad fungus as well, and they are also dying in large numbers. Shit. That's a lot of bugs not being eaten.


  1. It is not called extinction - it is called evacuation.

  2. Mmm... and if the frogs don't want to live here... (gulp)...

  3. Same with the honey bees that pollinate everything. They are disappearing...