Thursday, April 16, 2009

Taking a Ride...

A starry night between granite walls open to the dry sky. What is the quiet tonight? Who have you brought in? No time for questions, it is the last time. And I have to speak so that I can go. Will I tell you? Yes. I will tell you, she said. But you will tell no one for some time. For how long? Five thousand years. Yes, all right. She spoke in the sapphire night. Nubian black and blue. Skin glows thick waves of myrrh and jasmine. Her lips glimmer. Speaking in tongues you never knew you knew. You never knew you knew. Come closer to the fire. *click*

We've got to move. Move now! Bury it quickly. Bricks! Mud! Hurry. Hole it up. The march is pulsing towards us. Flamed oil in the marketplace no place for a person. You'll make the split. Break no twig. Cover your eyes, the whites will flash to the flames they carry. Move. Move now. Did you remember the pearls? Yes. Did you remember the writing? No. It doesn't matter, just go. Remember any ill intent will bind you. Remove them all now. If you wind for three days into the fifth road on the half moon you'll see the one carrying the white rose. The artery must be split to get the red. It's imperative- can you remember that? The music will play but the most important is the bells. You have to wait for the bells. When they ring you know it's time to launch the last child. Is he in the parade. No he's in the feast. And he is with the royals? Yes, but he is not. All the royals are in the wrong suits making bad water with their tongues. There is a black horse there with rosemary in his mane. Return him to me, he is mine. Go to the thick forest that glows emerald. You'll find the winged animal that glides. You follow her there and through, she glides above you. When you glimmer into the silver web, turn into the next dime. Right side. If there are hooves at the feet do not proceed. After the sparkle rides open the flower. It is the only flower. You will see the sapphire. Open it until you see it ring gold. That is the next door to the next ticket but you must be wise don't remember back, you must remember ahead so as to go inside. Remember forward. She smelled of jasmine and myrrh. Yes. She is remembering you back. Look for the fire. Blood spilled rose, you leave behind, but first you must tuck into your hair.

The black cloaks will circle you before white dove, but if you spin they will not latch. Is the white dove him? Yes and no, part yes part not yet. First you find her, then you see him. But when you see him you will only vaguely see that she is watching. Is she always watching? She is the watcher. If the doors are closed you must call her. Speak well of her before you go so that she will know your voice when you call her. There is a moment when the chase is over. Yes. And that is also now. Recollect yourself. We unloosed all our wheatgold robes and danced in slow rhythms through the blooming forest. Ducking and running, only to play. Slow rhythms. Easy dance. Light tiny birds. Tiny little birds. She will let them out of her petticoat. Watch for it.


  1. My Goddess Shannon,
    "Taking a Ride..." is infinitely beautiful. How real it feels riding the powerful words. Thank you...

  2. My Goddess is right!
    Infinitely beautiful!
    Remembering forward...

  3. Thank you for this beautiful portal of words. I will watch for it!