Friday, April 3, 2009

Time Out!

Lassie: RrrrRORF!
Timmy: What's that, Lassie? Shannon is stopping?!
Lassie: ROOF! ROOF!
Timmy: Oh! She's starting a new painting? WHAT?! (run run to Connecticut...huff... puff....) Shannon, is it true?
Me (that's me): It's true, Timmy! It's like I already told Lassie. But don't worry, it's just a time out, see? See how I'm sitting down and telling you that I'm taking a time out from this painting?
Timmy: But you're supposed to have this done by Easter!
Me: No doubt, Timmy! But the winds have changed!
Lassie: RRrooof! Rawf! ROOF! ROOF!
Me: That's right, Lassie! This is a commissioned piece, and it's a little too earthy per my assignment. And so we're gonna do a TOTALLY new painting! On a new canvas! And I finally saw it yesterday when i woke up and realized: Hey! Hop to! The new ones on the way- gotta roll!
Lassie: RrrrROOF!
Me: Yeah! It's in the heavens!
Lassie: ARF?
Me: Yes, Lassie, still Jesus and Mary Magdalene! Yeah, I'm happy about that too.


  1. Hey, I'm kinda relieved too, that sorta looks like Eckharte Tolle! Yikes lol (M.M. would be best off chillin' with Lassie in the now, if that were the case!) You are too funny! ;)

  2. I can't help but love everything you do. You are so cute and lively.
    I hope we are friends for eternity!

    Ps I felt Eck's heart this afternoon. He's cool...

  3. If we turn into stars I'll be the crazy colored twinkling nebula! Maybe like the rose nebula! What will you be? :)

  4. Great question! I'm gonna ask!
    Rock the cosmos, rock the cosmos!

  5. I'm going to be the space in between the stars so I can hold you ALL !

  6. AWEsome z...the vast Dazzling Darkness, Amen!

    (...thanks for the amazing tunes Shannon, perfect & really injoying)

  7. OH! The space- that's a good One, z!

    Glad you like the tunes, Anon! I have so much fun with them too so it's great to hear that the enjoyment is multiplied. :)