Monday, April 20, 2009


Oh all right! We're in
Angel adventurin'
We’re gonna roll this out.
Beat drops 8,000
Heart-wise (O! To-mi)
We swallow
with the trumpet melody.
Flow with us.
Go fishin’

Talk about Joshua.
Yeshua. Hey!
Jesus all kinda styles.
Jericho! Yo!
Seven times around that trumpet sound.
Fall! Yup walls all down.
In Jericho is a spring,
Spring feeds Jordan- isn’t that where he went swimmin?
Got a blind man in Jericho two times over.
Octavian to Herod, build the amphitheater
Hear it.
He’ll stroll through
Tax man see it.

Angel trumpets
Datura smells
Scenting wide
What’s Jericho?
In Canaanite? Fragrant.
Arabic sound word,
yeah we heard it.

Down come the walls.
Hey! Low they go now.
He met Zechariah,
Went down for Elizabeth
Together made the Baptist
Take your shoes off
Off they go now
Loose the strap
Wash the feet
Off they go now
Burn the bush
Dunk- what a rush

Mother Teresa says
Watch out, Out West
They’re physical best, but soul-less
Can’t feed bread when the spirits dead
Keep it tight
Can’t eat it if you don’t feel it. Right?

Lady say to The Man
How about a favor
No sister- not come for you
Oh hold up Master
I’ve got to know
Even dogs get scraps below
True daughter true
Your faith just saved you

Said in the sun temple, Ra hey ho
Jackal head
food made of dead?
Uh huh
Darkness ride, Darkness eat
Corpses all at your feet
Smell angel trumpet
Datura roll out sweet

Judges go
4 and 5
Barak’s in the Valley
Oh hell no
Yup! We all back
like last time- you know!
Hear that Sound
Oil's been found
when trumpets get down
Heaven with a shout
They strollin’ about.

Here we go, Break the flow.
Today’s the day, OH!


  1. Datura unfurls sweet fragrance in the night.
    To bless us with uncanny sight.
    Gifted visions travel through the walls of time.

    Only when the vibes just right, does her Angelic trumpet sound.
    When held sacred, laughing and dancing naked in joy.

    In fear, thorny apple throws your heart upon the ground.
    So sing songs of truth open and free.
    Her medicine crumbles falsely made realities.

    You Rock Beauty!!!!!!
    Pray you giclee! :D

  2. woah! that is just awesome both yours and anonymous! "todays the day!"

  3. Thanks Catwoman...puuuurr
    But real, I have read this Sista's rap many times today...
    Yo! Woah! Yeah, I'm bubblin'...that's some holy in the hood! Yadahhh mean? ;)