Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mary Magdalene and Jesus: Version Deux Version Trois

Saddle up, Cowgirls and Cowboys! It's time to ride with Cosmic Mary and Jesus! If you on the horse, best as well stay on...

It starts with a whinny and map for the pass!:

Compliments and thanks to Andy Schrader for taking this picture, Matt Schrader for gifting it.


  1. Often such perfection grows out of brokenness. Wow, One Heavenly community contributing to the Sky Web. Honored to be on board!!!

  2. How pretty, Suzette! Giddy-UP! :D

  3. Did you hear that Tonto??????
    Yes, Kemo Sabe!!!!!!
    "Come a ti, yi, yippy-ippy, ay, yippy, ay,
    Come a ti, yi, yippy-ippy, ay."

    Hi Ho Silver away! Shannons' Cosmic Jesus and Mary are the way!!!!!!!!

  4. Can't go wrong with a map and a winney!