Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Flowers

Doh! I posted a new video last night but I just took it down because I had incorrect information in there. The whistle I showed wasn't a Peruvian Whistling vessel. I'll get myself all straightened out here and perhaps do another one later. :)


  1. Shannon you are beyond sacred symmetry and geometric intelligence...such vast beauty...and just plain cute as a handmade button. Weird, last year I ordered a singing bowl and something else kinda like that whistle on e-bay, but then found out the shipping was some way crazy amount of
    I'm gonna go ring some bells on a rope. Thanks for sharing! <3~*~*~*

  2. greeting the day listening to tales of Peruvian whistles in the King's chamber, and vibrational emanations thru artistic symetry: Perfect earthday for 2009!
    Hawaii sunrise is filled with a misty fog blanketing the green pastures.
    The flowers outside my window in my garden say hello to your mandala!

  3. Oh wait! I just heard the mandala! It says, "Hello flower family!" :D

    Hellos and Happy Earth days to you both and all!

  4. I love flowers!! I ordered beautiful bouquet from 1800Flowers...